Isdal nikab


Isdal nikab by Al Motamayza brand 

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This isdal contains four pieces:

The first is a big layer with a beautiful circular curve that covers almost  all the body.It is sealed with buttons.

The second piece helps in covering the eyes if you want .  You can also set it up when you do not need it.

The third piece is the layer of tissue in contact with the face that extends to the chest with a refined design to provide comfort for the eyes. We provide it with silk thread between the eyes (Isdal nikab 1) or no separation between the eyes (Isdal nikab 2) it is up to your choice.

The fourth piece is a very small tissue placed between the second and the third layers used to cover your eyes so that you see around you witghout  being seen.You can also set it up when you do not need it.


Fabric: A beautiful imported Korean texture suitable for everybody

Goodby to the eyes irritating niqabs .. goodbye to the stifling niqab ....

Goodbye to the transparent niqab ...


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Isdal nikab
Isdal nikab

Isdal nikab by Al Motamayza brand 

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